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  • A BBLACK AFRICA to use your video content fully and irrevocably as well as the sound content, to distribute it worldwide and to share it on social networks. This graceful authorization is valid for the whole world and without limit. This content may be broadcast:
    • in the broadcast, regardless of the operating version, by any means or networks of communication to the public existing or not yet known to date necessary for any television service wishing to broadcast the program, including cable and related processes , by DSL, by satellite, by terrestrial hertzian (analogue or digital) including DTT and mobile telephony, ... whatever the fixed or mobile reception screens used, and whatever the number of broadcasts,
    • in the trailer intended to present or promote the program, the latter being broadcast on the airwaves and / or on the Internet site (s) of the television service operating the Program ,
    • in the credits of the Emission,
    • in a best off and / or making off of the Emission, the latter being able to be multicasted on the air and / or on the Internet site (s) of the television service operating the Emission,
    • in other programs produced or co-produced by the television service (s) operating the Program, in any videograms of the Program and / or the best off and / or the making off,
    • as part of an online publication of all or part of the broadcast proposed by all services, including video on demand, catch-up TV and the like, by means or networks of communication to the public existing or future, in particular by mobile telephony or the Internet,
    • in the context of any promotion or presentation of the Program or the activity of the television service or services, including in the form of still images, photographs, and / or extracts from the Program, rushs, on all media (television, mobile telephony, Internet, videograms, on fixed or mobile screen, in print, print, minitel, audiotel, ...), inside the file for the specialized press or not, for the publication in specialized and non-specialized newspapers and magazines, for advertising insertion, for promotional display, for publication in the "TV program" and other pages, for insertion in brochures or brochures relating to the activities of the television service operating the Program .
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